Frequently Asked Questions

As you embark on your college search, program selection, and college application management with UniversityWARD, below are some important frequently asked questions by other prospective international students that you may find helpful.

 01  Does it cost international students anything to use the UniversityWARD college and program search mobile apps?

No. The college search and program comparison apps are absolutely free to all international students. 




 02  Are there fees associated with utilizing UniversityWARD application management system?

Yes. UniversityWARD, as an authorized agent by its educator clients (Colleges & Universities) collects college applications and specificied required non-refundable college application fees from applying international students. Additionally, UniversityWARD charges a small flat fee to manage international students applications as well as collect and handle express shipments of required supporting application documents. Students receive guidance and counseling and timely updates and follow-up on admission decisions. [ Note: In cases where an admitting institution is offering free shipping benefits to its applicants, UniversityWARD would waive the shipping cost to students applying to those institutions! ]



 03  How long does the application process take until my admission decision is concluded?

The application process can take up to six weeks (6). After 72 hours of application receipt, UniversityWARD reviews, edit mistakes, and submits your completed application along with all required supporting documents and fees to the admitting college or university. There after, based on the volume of applications received for processing by respective  institutions, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks on expedited applications and 4-6 weeks on regularly submitted applications.




 04  Can I contact the admitting institution directly regarding my application status?

International students are welcome to contact the admitting institutions directly, however, if you are already working with UniversityWARD, it is best and recommended to utilize existing channel of communication through UniversityWARD as we would quickly and professionally obtain information on your behalf. 




 05  Do I need to pay an educational consultant a fee to provide me consult?

Yes. If you book an appointment through UniversityWARD, there is a small flat fee associated with your initial consult payable online. [ This fee is completely refundable to international students in cases where a consult is deemed unrendered and confirmed unrendered in writing by both parties. Please note that UniversityWARD reserves a great deal of time allocating resourse to ensure our global consultating network is a success and your time with your consultant is un-interrupted. Please be advised that your consultant may bill you separately on any additional service rendered ]

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