As an Agronomy Major, you will learn about the three basic natural elements - Crops, Soil and Climate and thier interdependence to producing food, fiber and fuel. You will study the theories and practices for improving crop production. Conserve natural resources and maintain environmental quality.

Explore Your Interests: Do you enjoy working outdoors, nature, conserving natural resources, biological and physical sciences, environmental qualities that include soil, water and air, plant growth and experimentation, weather, climate, geologic formations and problem solving?

Consider Your Skills & Abilities Match: Are you good at Oral and written communication skills, leadership, group dynamics, have organizational skills, creative thinking, and analytic reasoning?

What You Can Do With This Major: Occupations related to Agronomy include Agricultural Climatologists, Agrochemical Technologists, Food and Drug Inspectors, Farm and Ranch Managers, Environmental Technicians, Plant Breeders, Agricultural Technicians, Soil and Water Conservationists, and Greenhouse Managers.



  1. Alabama A&M University

  2. Auburn University

  3. College of the Orzarks

  4. Colorado State University - Fort Collins

  5. Delaware State University

  6. Iowa State University

  7. Kansas State University

  8. Mississippi State University

  9. Missouri State University

  10. New Mexico State University

  11. North Carolina State University

  12. Northwest Missouri State University

  13. Oklahoma Panhandle State University

  14. Prairie View A&M University

  15. Purdue University - West Lafayette

  16. South Dakota State University

  17. Tarlenton State University

  18. Texas A&M University

  19. Texas Tech University

  20. Truman State University

  21. University of Connecticut

  22. University of Florida

  23. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  24. University of Minn/Crookston

  25. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

  26. University of Nebraska at Lincoln

  27. University of Wisconsin - Madison

  28. University of Wisconsin - Platteville

  29. University of Wisconsin - River Falls

  30. Washington State University

  31. West Virginia University

  32. Wilmington College

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